What is Liposonix treatment?

Liposonix is a nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to destroy unwanted fat cells. Your lymphatic system flushes out the damaged cells in the coming weeks and months, for a permanent reduction of fat in the treated area.

This body-contouring device is FDA cleared to treat the abdomen and flanks (aka love handles), and it’s intended for pockets of stubborn fat that resist diet and exercise—not as a weight-loss solution.

As with other noninvasive fat reduction procedures, results aren’t dramatic as they would be with surgical procedures like liposuction, which can remove a higher volume of fat tissue in a single treatment.

What are the pros and cons of Liposonix?


  • Liposonix works by harnessing HIFU technology, so it is far less invasive than liposuction and other surgical fat-reduction procedures.
  • According to the manufacturer, the average waistline reduction after just a single one-hour treatment is about 1 inch.
  • There’s little to no downtime, and no risk of lumpiness or uneven reduction, as there is with liposuction.


  • You must be close to your ideal weight to be a good candidate for Liposonix treatment, as it only treats pockets of stubborn fat.
  • RealSelf members give Liposonix a low Worth It Rating, with just over half saying it was Worth It. Those who felt it was Not Worth It cited severe pain during the procedure; side effects like severe bruising, itching, and swelling; and minimal results.
  • You’ll have to wait up to three months for your body to naturally remove the dead fat cells, so you can see your final results. At that point, you may choose to have a second treatment session to reach your goals.

What is the Liposonix treatment cost?

  • Average Cost:
  • $2,350
  • Range:
  • $800 – $4,000

The price you pay will depend on your provider’s level of experience, their practice location, how many areas you have treated, and whether you have more than one treatment session.

Who is a good candidate for Liposonix?

Potential patients should be close to their ideal body weight, with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30, and a desire to target areas of stubborn fat that have resisted a healthy diet and regular exercise.

During your initial consultation, your doctor will assess whether you’re a good candidate or suggest another approach for your areas of concern.

What happens during a Liposonix procedure?

The procedure takes up to an hour, depending on the size of the treatment area. You’ll be given medication beforehand to manage pain, so plan to have someone take you home afterward.

Your doctor will start by drawing on your skin to mark the targeted areas of the body that will be treated. Then, they’ll apply the handheld device of the Liposonix system to your skin’s surface and move it across your abdomen and flanks.

As it heats your subcutaneous fat tissue 1.3 centimeters below the skin, you may feel mild discomfort, warmth, or a prickling sensation, but the treatment shouldn’t harm skin or the surrounding tissues.

How long does Liposonix recovery take?

Post-treatment recovery downtime is minimal, and you can return to normal activities quickly. You can expect to have bruising (possibly extensive bruising), and treated areas will be swollen and sore. Some of these side effects typically resolve within a week, but some RealSelf members say it took more than two weeks for the bruising and soreness to resolve. Some also say they felt itching under the skin.

You’ll be able to resume your regular exercise routine a week after the Liposonix procedure.

Over the next three months, your body will flush out the destroyed fat cells. While the treated fat tissue is permanently destroyed, some patients undergo a second treatment session, for optimal results.

While the eliminated fat cells can’t grow back, the fat cells that remain in the treated area can expand if you gain weight. You’ll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep up your results long-term.

What is better: Liposonix or CoolSculpting?

Both Liposonix and CoolSculpting provide noninvasive fat reduction. While Liposonix uses ultrasound energy, CoolSculpting relies on a technology called cryolipolysis or fat freezing.

Results from both noninvasive fat reduction technologies are seen several weeks or months down the line, after your body has had time to flush the targeted fat cells.

RealSelf members give CoolSculpting a significantly higher Worth It rating and report more notable results.

However, CoolSculpting risks and side effects can be more problematic and difficult to resolve, so you may want to consider a different body sculpting option.

Does Liposonix really work?

It can, but it may not work as well as you want it to. Doctors on RealSelf report a range of improvement, with some saying their patients can see a reduction of one dress or pant size.

RealSelf members have been less impressed, with only about half saying that their Liposonix treatment was Worth It. Those who said it was Not Worth It reported discomfort during and after the procedure and unsatisfactory (or zero) results.

Source: realself

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